Who are we? Why are we here?

Minneapolis Sports Academy (MSA) is a partnership of 4 families who love to play. We are athletes, parents, and coaches. We have over 30 years of experience coaching across various ages and sports, and we are so excited to offer top quality recreation and training opportunities to the families and youth in our community.

If you are like us, you have noticed that there just aren’t enough places to play in our area. We know what it’s like to look for an open field for team practices, for a kid’s birthday party, or to just take a few swings on a cold day – only to find that most places are not available or they involve a long commute. MSA is trying to fill that need. Here you’ll always have A PLACE TO PLAY!

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MSA Code of Conduct

  1. No food or beverages other than water in the sports fields
  2. No sunflower seeds or gum anywhere in the facility
  3. No alcohol or tobacco products, including vapes
  4. No spitting
  5. Only 2 people in a cage at a time, including only one batter 
  6. No swinging outside the cages
  7. Pitchers must use the L-screens provided
  8. Batters must wear helmets at all times in the cages
  9. Pickup after you are done. Put all balls back into buckets
  10. Be prompt. Leave the cage on time so the next person can get started
  11. Appropriate adult supervision is required 
  12. This is a family-friendly facility. No foul, racist or offensive language or apparel


Monday-Friday  4p to 9p

Saturday-Sunday  9a to 7p

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